Go Green Solutions:   Water  •  Fuel  •  Energy
  • Receives NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Certification for Its Sonical™ Water Conditioner
  • is designed to eliminate or minimize scale build-up that causes damage to equipment and decreases energy efficiency, and eliminate bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms from a water system without the addition of harmful chemicals.The new second generation technology has gone from increasing the range of electric fields it generates from 5MHz to 200MHz.
  • is a pre-combustion device that enhances the quality of the fuel supply, resulting in a more complete and effective burn.The technology, that fits on existing fuel lines, generates a variable frequency electrical field upon the long-chain hydrocarbon molecules present in fuels which are then broken into more volatile micro-molecules (" Molecular Cracking) which enables a more complete combustion.Tests conducted by the Italian Navy (Marina Militare) have demonstrated fuel savings of up to 10% and emission reductions of 60%.Results may vary depending on driver, type of fuel and weight of load.