Go Green Technologies Corp. Engages Captain Roberto Salamone to Lead Maritime Industry Sales

August 18th 2016

Monroe, Connecticut

Go Green Global Technologies Corp. (OTC Pink: GOGR) (“Go Green”), an innovative water and fuel technology company, is pleased to announce that Captain Roberto Salamone has been engaged as a consultant and will be leading the Maritime Industry compliance and sales initiatives for the Sonical™ line of products. Captain Salamone, a former executive with Carnival Cruise Lines, is CEO and founder of Stelcon LLC, a maritime consultancy company.

“We are excited to have Captain Salamone lead our efforts towards driving sales in the Maritime Industry” said Go Green’s CEO Jeffrey Prisco “His first mandate is to guide and fast track approval for Go Green’s products to be compliant with classification societies requirements for all the maritime industries including passenger and cargo vessels, leisure yachts and super yachts and fishing vessels.”

“The Maritime Industry is a target market where the need for a technology like the Sonical™ fuel and water products would solve many problems” said Chairman of Go Green Mark Del Priore “In addition to the benefits relating to the fuel application there are also applications on ships relating to water of which our products can also help”

“The Sonical™ line of products present a tremendous opportunity for all the Maritime industry applications,” said Captain Roberto Salamone. “Not only does Go Green’s products have a high ceiling on revenue potential, but in addition the Maritime industry will benefit from the Sonical™ system by significant cost savings on their fuel bills while they will meet new strict emission standards”

Highlights of Maritime Market:

-90,000 Maritime vessels are effected by new 2015 EPA emission standards

-Cruise line companies have been preparing to install exhaust scrubbers on the stacks of their ships for a cost of approximately $5-10million per ship. Carnival Cruise Lines has announced a $400million capital expense to reduce emissions across their fleet with the exhaust scrubbers

-DuPont through their wholly-owned subsidiary Belco Technologies Corp. has entered the Marine Scrubber industry and recently equipped the entire fleet of Interlake Steamship Company.

-Maritime executives are attracted to the much lower cost of the Sonical™ system. The cost of Go Green’s Sonical system would be less than $1 million per ship compared to the scrubber’s price. In addition, because the Sonical™ system treats the fuel before combustion a fuel savings component is an added feature that will provide the ship operators a potential ROI of less than 6 months

-Units have been prepared for field testing with two Cruise ship operators as well as the process to obtain certification required to sell to the Maritime market has begun


Go Green Global Technologies Corp. (OTC Pink: GOGR) is a U.S. water and fuel technology licensing, marketing and development company. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Go Green Technologies Corp., it provides solutions worldwide utilizing the proprietary patented Sonical™ process for both non-chemical water treatment and fuel combustion applications. The company is a leader in the emerging Pulsed- Power technology sector and has a portfolio of intellectual property that includes three United States patents. Since inception, the company has focused on innovative technologies that lead to a cleaner and more efficient planet. More information is available at www.gogreentechcorp.com.



Investor Contact:

Jeffrey Prisco, CEO









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