Go Green Technologies Corp. Sonical Fuel Charger is an electro-physical device which, through the generation of an electric field, “energizes” fuel before it enters the combustion chamber, thus ensuring its proper combustion.


  • Reduces polluting emissions of both petrol and diesel combustion engines, with subsequent reduction of harmful emissions, fuel consumption, and efficiency improvement.
  • In diesel engines, a 60% opacity drop is obtained, together with a 10% consumption reduction, and an equal percentage increase in engine power.
  • In petrol engines, HCs (UNBURNT HYDROCARBONS) are significantly abated, with an average 10% consumption drop, and more engine power.


Go Green Technologies Corp. Sonical Fuel Charger can also be installed on power generators and pumps. A specific line of products is also available for diesel oil powered boilers.


Go Green Technologies Corp. Sonical Fuel Charger must be installed in the fuel supply circuit which runs from the fuel tank to the engine /Burner. All installation and connection operations must be carried out by skilled personnel (Car Mechanic, Car Repair Shop, one of our installers duly selected by us and with whom we have a Service agreement).


Go Green Technologies Corp. Sonical Fuel Charger has been designed and manufactured in order to avoid standard maintenance operations. All devices are manufactured with top quality materials ensuring long life operations.


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